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Managing Partners, Evan Schwartzberg and Mathew Van Alstyne , founded Odeon Capital Group LLC in 2008 on the premise that clients would be best served by a firm free of the conflicts of interest inherent to large financial institutions. Their belief is that a simple ideal – putting clients first – would be the key to foster success, attract talented professionals, and deliver the best results for clients. By maintaining the highest standards of excellence, Odeon best serves its clients, and the firm continues to grow. Evan’s career as a leading salesperson at boutique broker/dealers taught him the value of developing deep relationships, listening to clients, and focusing on their needs. Mathew’s experiences at major sell side firms and a multi-billion dollar hedge fund cemented within him the importance that clients put on quality and dependability, unique and insightful research and developing talent. By combining their experiences, Evan and Mat have created a unique firm capable of serving a prominent and diverse set of clients, including leading corporations, institutional investors, and high net worth individuals.